Advertise on SmartGeezer

If you want to be featured on SmartGeezer (manufacturers, national retailers or independents) then it may not cost any money but it ain't going to be free either, me old chestnut. I scratch your back, you cloth mine :)

Get in contact to get the ball rolling.

There are 7 ways you can advertise on SmartGeezer:

1. Send in a Product
This is probably the easiest and cheapest method for you. If it's a size 9 (or 8.5 or 8 if they size large), 32/33/34 inch waist (depending on what I've been eating recently) or a large, let me know and you can send it in. Either send me what you want to promote or I can look through your site and suggest a few items I like - totally up to you.

Every product will get a review and your website will get a few direct links without any nofollow tags - so the more items you send, the more individual posts you get!

If you want your website to be featured in a post then this is the best way to garner my goldfish-like attention. O'yeah, forget about samples that need returning, if you can find ways of getting free advertising elsewhere, use them.

   Example 1 - Andrew Christian Shock Jock Boxer Shorts
   Example 2 - Aertex Sherman-Y Short Sleeved Shirt
   Example 3 - Worn By 'Manilla Gorilla' Sweatshirt

2. Sponsor a Competition
We can sort out the details once you get in contact but the simpler the competition style, the better. Send in a product first for a review then you can decide if you want to run a competition after that. Again this gets you some direct links to your site.

   Example 1 - Win a Pair of Norman Walsh Trainers!
   Example 2 - Win a Location Ninja Jacket!
   Example 3 - Win a pair of Adidas Superstar II Trainers

I can also collect names and email addresses of all competition entrants so you can add them to your newsletter. I warn entrants that they'll be added so there are no shocks, plus you should have an easy unsubscribing process for your newsletter in place.

If you want this option then you'll need to send me a duplicate of the prize (or equivalent) as extra for this added service.

3. Do you have an Affiliate Program?
If you do and you sell menswear and you aren't featured here then contact me.

4. Text Link
There are text links available on the right hand column under 'Partners', this appears on 99% of the pages on the site. You can list your company name plus a brief 2/3 word description of what you are eg. 'large men's clothing' or 'designer suits'.

£100 per month or £500 for 6 months or £1000 for 1 year.

5. Banner Ads
There are basically 2 varieties of banners that appear on 99% of pages on the site.

AD 1: 300px x 250px = £200 per month (or £800 for 6 months)
AD 2: 125px x 125px = £150 per month (or £600 for 6 months)

6. Exclusive Discount Code
There is the opportunity to promote an exclusive discount code on the Discount page. You must sell menswear items.

This is free and can be anything from 5% off to Free delivery. Just contact me with the discount details, the exclusive code you've setup and the expiry date.

The code HAS to be exclusive and mention SmartGeezer in some way eg. SGEEZER5 or SMARTGEEZER or SMARTGEEZER10. Sending me DISCOUNT5 isn't personal or special to SmartGeezer regardless of it's exclusiveness.

7. Sponsored Post
I'll write the post and prefer to pick the specific product but I can include a couple of links and keyphrases of your choice. So, if you want to promote a brand then I can link to the brand page on your site using the keyphrase you want. There'll also be a link to your home page and the product page too.

1 Post: £125 // 2 Posts: £200

   Example - G-Star RAW 3301 Straight Leg Jeans

Payments: Prefer sending you an invoice and then getting a bank transfer payment but will accept PayPal or Cheque if that's easier for you.

Why should you advertise on SmartGeezer?
SmartGeezer is plugged into Quantcast so you can get some idea of the numbers behind this place.

You what?

A menswear shopping blog for smart geezers. No poncy crap.
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