I'm a Dumbgeezer!

Style retarded? Regularly collared by the fashion police? Do you get laughed and pointed at? Do people crack the old 'The 80's phoned they want their *fill-in-blank* back' gag? No idea what to buy but need to buy something?

Don't get yourself flustered soldier. Shopping is a fucking bitch, no doubt about it, but don't let it drive you into the loving, cheap arms of Asda's clothes section or let your girlfriend or mother do it. Be a man, be lazy and let the SmartGeezer men's clothing blog guide you with some menswear fashion tips, style guides and other menswear online sites with good information and advice.

::Online Tips::

UK men's style tips, guides and help Style.com 'The Perfect Fit' - great advice here broken down into different sections; shirts, ties, shoes, jeans, suits, etc. Let's you know the basics about colour, material and fit.

UK men's style tips, guides and help AskMen.com - has a whole fashion tips section with articles about what you should and shouldn't do. Here are 10 highlights:

UK men's style tips, guides and help Trinny & Susannah's 'The Male Dress Code' (PDF 688kb) - These two had an episode on dumbgeezers and, with the help of an ad agency, put together 'The Male Dress Code'. In easy to understand images, like The Highway Code, you can identify what type of bloke you are and then see what kind of clothes are good for you. You can watch the actual episode here if you're bored out of your tiny mind.

UK men's style tips, guides and help Ask Andy About Clothes - loads of good tips about the finer aspects of men's style; suits, shirts, ties and generally looking smart. Not the most attractive looking website in the world but the info's there if you look hard enough.

Top 10 Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag Top 10 Ways to Look Like a Total Toolbag - by Magnificent Bastard. if you really can't be bothered to read the above then at least make the effort to read these essential 10 tips. These are the sacré bleu of fashion faux pas.

Do You Dress Like a Douchebag? Do You Dress Like a Douchebag? - by Arabian Monkey (website now dead). A handy, easy to use flow chart to help you figure out if you're dressing like a douchebag or not.

Menswear Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 08/09 Menswear Fashion Trends - lets you know what the trends are for next season. You can also catch up on this season and buy an ebook which has more indepth details.

Menswear Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 08/09 Fashionising Men's Trends - get some inspiration from the Fashionising.com Men's Trends blog. Features plenty of photos and tips for you to check out to get ideas for combo's and styles.


Arena Homme Plus magazine subscription UK Arena Homme Plus - Only two issues per year but it's jammed pack with men's fashion. £14 gets you a one year subscription.

Esquire magazine subscription UK Esquire - men's mag with fashion and stuff. Get one year subscription and fashion tips for £17.

GQ magazine subscription UK GQ - another men's magazine to read whilst you're dropping the kids off at the pool. £28 gets you a one year subscription.

Another Man magazine subscription UK Another Man - Top quality mag with music, fashion, photography and articles. £25 gets you a one year subscription which consists of 2 issues.

Dazed & Confused magazine subscription UK Dazed & Confused - Got their finger on the cutting edge of cultural happenings, style, fashion, music and art. £39 gets you a one year subscription, 12 issues.

Bello Magazine Bello Magazine - an online men's lifestyle magazine, absolutely free you skanky tightarse.

Bello Magazine 10 Men - a high profile men's fashion magazine, £39 will get you 4 issues a year.

Nylon Guys Nylon Guys - a custom blend of what real guys want, a forum to showcase everything from the latest gadgets and apparel to films and music, £4 will get you 6 DIGITAL issues a year.

Esper Magazine Esper Magazine - a free online magazine featuring fashion as well as design, music, cars and more guy type stuff.

No Layout No Layout - a free fully readable library focusing on fashion magazines, photography and art. It is meant as a support for printed publications, allowing users to flip through content on any screen without downloads or apps. Good place for aimlessly gathering inspiration.


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